Social Media Marketing Management

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Dramatically increase your revenue and profitability by offering our Social Media Marketing Management reseller services.


We provide you everything you need to offer effective Social Media Marketing Management services to your clients and prospects.


Online training tools that will help you fully understand the different services so that you'll be comfortable presenting them to your clients and prospects.


We provide you professionally designed, personalized collateral that will help you showcase the social media management options you'll be able to offer to business owners.

Wholesale Pricing

You'll be able to offer a variety of Social Media Management programs to business owners, and name your own retail pricing.

Our Social Media Management programs offer a wide range of services, including:

  • Social media audit
  • Account creation & optimization
  • Custom cover photo development
  • Info content created & posted
  • Content strategy, audience strategy and message tracks for comments
  • Reply to messages
  • High quality graphics creation
  • Unique postings generated
  • High quality curated articles posted and shared
  • Monthly content planning and approval
  • Responses to fan postings
  • Responses to Reviews
  • Video / Meme creation and posting
  • Likes / Comments on Relevant Pages
  • Likes / Comments on Community Pages
  • Twitter Page Customization
  • Seasonal imagery updates
  • YouTube Channel Customization
  • Monthly reporting
  • Monthly social media insights
  • Blog Development
  • Blog Management
Quality Posts and Imagery

We develop unique postings for your client's social media platforms, allowing their current and potential customers to see that they are actively social. We develop custom graphics for your client's social media pages and postings to provide them with a professional representation of their business.

Designed for Engagement

We identify relevant articles, news and other posts and re-post them on your client's social media pages in a way that drives engagement, helping position them as an industry leader and a source of valuable information.

A Local Focus

We help your clients expand their social media reach by focusing a percentage of their postings and comments on local content and events. This helps portray them as a business that is heavily invested in the local community.

We offer five different packages to meet the needs of most businesses. Need something different? Call us to discuss a custom program for your client or prospect. We're here to help you grow your business.

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