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Check Out The Incredible Features You'll Be Able To Provide To Your Clients

Review Generation

Your client's online reputation is important. In fact;

79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

80%of consumers will change their mind about doing business with a company based solely on negative information found online.

85%of consumers say that they read online reviews for local businesses.


With Review Genie, you can provide your clients an affordable way to get positive reviews quickly.


Here's How It Works

Your client simply adds their customers. Their phone or email address is all that is needed to get started.

Your client (or you) input their recent customer's name and email address and/or cell phone number into the form and sit back while our proprietary review funnel does the rest. There are zero technical skills required.

Customers receive a simple single-question survey via text message and/or to their inbox.

Your client's recent customer responds sharing their experience about your client's product/service and based on predetermined settings, are routed to post a review online or a company branded page matching the sentiment of their feedback!

Your client's customers are immediately asked to leave a review on top sites like Google and Facebook.

An automated message immediately encourages the reader to leave a review at customer-preferred hot spots like Google, Facebook and other top review sites. The Review Genie software automatically detects the type of phone your client's customers are on and what apps they have installed on their phone to cater their preferences

Your client's customers choose their favorite review site and easily leave a review from their mobile phone or desktop browser.

Customers choose their preferred review site and easily leave a review using their phone or computer. To make it as fast and simple as possible, our platform suggests review sites to mobile users based on their phone type and apps installed. Android users are automatically directed to Google to leave a review.

Monitoring & Reporting

Review Genie allows your clients to easily see activity and current online reviews through our powerful, yet easy to use dashboard. In addition, Review Genie can send automated reports to both you and your client, so that you're both aware of any new review, either positive and negative.

Reviews Over Time

Your client can quickly see how many reviews they’ve generated over the past week, month, the previous 12 months, or for a specific date range.

They can drill down to specific websites to see where they’re seeing the most success or identify sites that they may need to focus on during the next quarter. The data is easy to understand and serves as a valuable metric for their business.

Average Rating Over Time

This visual snapshot displays the average rating from feedback and reviews of their business on customer responses and online ratings and reviews that were posted over a specific date range. With the ability to see their overall snapshot or drill down to specific site ratings over the past week, month, previous year, or for a specific date range they’ll know exactly where they stand.

Sentiment Analysis Over Time

Built into every report is a text analytics program that determines the intention and attitude of the reviewer with respect to the overall polarity of their review and rating. With high accuracy we derive whether the expressed opinion of a sentence or review is positive, negative, or neutral and display it graphically.

Your client will instantly understand the overall sentiment over a specific time period with regards to the percentage of positive, neutral, and negative respondents.

Weekly & Monthly Automated Reports

Our automated reporting gives your client the ability to schedule regular updates that can be sent on a specific day of the week ( every Monday ) or day of the month ( 1st of each month) ensuring they’ll receive regular status updates direct to their inbox. Each report includes their total new reviews, star rating, and break out of each since the last report.

Easily customize and schedule reports to be delivered on specific dates to a group within the business or a key individual.

Social Media Integration

Review Genie is loaded with powerful integration functionality, allowing positive reviews to be automatically posted on your client's Social Media pages, as well as positive review feeds from internal and external reviews that can be integrated directly into your client's website.

Automatically Share Positive Reviews

Review Genie helps your client spread the word about their business by socially sharing their recent positive feedback and new reviews with their Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ followers. Your client control what’s being shared with our manual or automatic settings.

Automated Review & Feedback Posting

Automate the share process easily by determining which feedback and reviews to share, how often to share them, and the maximum number to share each day.

If your client gets a hot new review that they want to share with their followers immediately, they can manually spread the word at the push of a button right from their main dashboard.

Attention Grabbing Social Media Posts

Each shared review includes an image of the rating and content, further driving customer engagement and increasing your client's overall likes and shares.

These interactive posts highlights and positively reinforces their company and brand.

Review Feed For Your Website

Using our website plugin, your client will instantly have the ability to stream recent feedback and reviews from their reputation management dashboard and place them prominently on their company website.

This ensures prospective customers will see all the positive feedback, ratings, and reviews that your client has earned in one location.

Complete Brand Control

Review Genie allows your client to select and control the Feedback and Reviews a prospect sees using our filter and suppression settings.

This removes duplicate reviews and prevents a review that may have less than professional wording from being shown.

Microsite Review Integration

Feedback and reviews are streamlined to your client's microsite based on the applied settings that match their main company website.

Your client's microsite shows the average rating of total feedback and reviews and provides the consumer with an overall star rating.

External Feedback Page Integration For Collecting New Reviews

If a customer would like to provide feedback and share details about their recent experience while on your client's website or microsite, they simple click the “Leave A Review” button.

This takes them to your client's company branded external feedback page to start the feedback loop process.


Your client's Review Genie business page is an additional web property that they can control and lists all the pertinent information about their business, and shows their positive reviews.

Expand Your Web Presence

Your client can never have too many web properties. Their new micro site helps spread the word about their business and not only shares their online ratings and reviews, but also includes the powerful feedback recent customers have left for them that may not have shown up on external rating and review sites.

Feedback And Review Selection

Share only the feedback and reviews that they want displayed on their microsite. This is easily configured from their reputation management dashboard providing them with full control on what is displayed to prospective customers.

Important Business Information

Their Review Genie micro site displays all of their pertinent business information in a single location. If needed, they can use this as a primary website as it includes:

  • Company or individual branding
  • Recent feedback and online reviews
  • Business hours
  • Basic company information
  • Social media accounts
  • Link to external review page

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