Our Partner Program is the most comprehensive marketing support program available today. We provide everything you'll need to help you grow your business; back-end fulfillment at wholesale pricing, personalized marketing materials, extensive product training and much more.

Partner Program Members Get The Following Benefits

Everything you need to grow your business

Instant Access To Our Catalog

No other Reseller, Outsourcing or Marketing Support program offers the vast catalog of services we do. Our LMS Partner Program allows you to add any or all of our effective, cutting-edge marketing platforms to your agency’s catalog of services. Provide new solutions to your existing and prospective clients. Increase Loyalty - Increase Sales - Increase Profits

Wholesale Service Pricing

All of our Premium Services are provided at wholesale pricing, allowing you to make a healthy markup on your side and still be extremely competitive in the market. You'll know exactly what your Partner pricing is for each service, so you can set your pricing accordingly. In addition, we'll work with you to develop any customized programs you need in order to provide the right solutions to your clients.

In-Depth Training

Not completely comfortable in selling Websites, PPC, Reputation Management or any of the other services we offer? We've developed Online Training Materials, including Videos, Partner Reference Guides, FAQs, Checklists and more. The on-demand materials are there when you need them. Learn how your clients and prospects can leverage our powerful marketing platforms to increase sales.

Professional Fulfillment Services

One of the key benefits to LMS Solutions Partners is the access to our team of Service Specialists. This professionally trained team will take over and perform the necessary, yet burdensome tasks that are associated with starting and servicing an Integrated Media Solutions program for your clients. You can submit service requests in a variety of methods, including on-line forms, e-mail, social media and via phone. This allows you to focus on building strong relationships with your clients, while we transparently provide the back-end service

Incredible Support

Partners are provided the support and materials they need to be successful, including:
- Access to a library of professionally developed marketing collateral, which can be customized with the Partner's contact information
- Access to the LMS Solutions senior management, who are more than willing to help you by answering questions, brainstorming solutions and sharing information based on their knowledge and successful track records

Transparency Options

You choose, on a client-by-client basis, whether they know we're involved in the program or not. Many of our Partners present us to their clients as the marketing support team, allowing us to interact directly with the client. There are other situations where the Partner doesn't want a client to know we are providing the back end service. We're OK either way!

Personalized Marketing Materials

You'll have access to our library of marketing materials, all designed for you to easily update with your company logo, contact information as well as pricing (on some pieces). If you don't have the time (or desire) to update them, we'll gladly do it for you. Plus, we're adding new pieces to the library throughout the year, and we'll let you know as soon as any new materials are available.

Cutting-Edge Platforms

We have invested heavily in cutting-edge tools, as well as some proprietary software development.
This gives you an advantage in the marketplace, as you'll be able to provide your customers with valuable services that your competition simply can't offer.

No Minimums or Monthly Fees

There are no minimum monthly limits for orders or clients, and there are no monthly fees. You only pay for the services we perform on your behalf.

No Exclusivity

We don't lock you into using us and only us. Feel free to use any other company in conjunction with our program as you see fit. We'll help you with whatever services you need.

Keeping You Informed

Keeping our Partners updated with the latest trends, tools, approaches and platform improvements is very important to us. We have team members that focus the majority of their time on providing constant, relevant and informative updates to our Partners. These are accomplished using Video Conferences, Webinars, Newsletters, Forum Postings and Social Media Posts.

Marketing Support

Many of our Partners have asked for our help in marketing their businesses. We're more than happy to, because we know that the more successful they are in attracting new clients, the more work they will send our way. If you need a new, high performing website, help with your social media posts, local optimization of your company, a new logo, printed materials or any other assistance, let us know. We'll provide you with even further discounted pricing. In addition, Partners can get discounted pricing on their own personalized version of our monthly Local Business Marketing Magazine.

Grow Your Business With Our Partner Program